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2 ways to create brushes in Adobe Capture 2020

create brushes in Adobe Capture 2020

2 ways to create brushes in Adobe Capture 2020

In today’s tutorial we will learn how to use Adobe Capture to create brushes for Fresco (or for Photoshop). Adobe Capture is a free app available for both phones and tablets, so make sure to go download it. There two methods to create brushes in Adobe Capture:

  1. Draw the brush shape and use the Camera in Adobe Capture to capture it
  2. Draw your brush shape in Adobe Fresco and import into Capture to create brushes

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create brushes in Adobe Capture 2020, Adobe Fresco

Watch how to create brushes in Adobe Capture in 2 different methods:

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Step by step instructions on how to create brushes in Adobe Capture

Method 1: Using Adobe Capture Camera with a hand drawn brush shape
  1. Download Adobe capture and login to your Adobe ID. It’s free, so go ahead and create it. You will need to sign in as you want the brushes to show up Fresco.
  2. Use any tool like color pencils, crayons, gouache or acrylics to draw your brush base shape on a sheet of paper.
  3. The paper need not be white, it can be any color but it should not have patterns, texts or more than one color.
  4. Now open Adobe capture on your phone or your tablet/iPad and click on Brushes.
  5. This will open up the Camera.
  6. Adjust so that you can capture the brush shape that you just drew. You can tap the screen to freeze the frame, this gives more control when clicking the capture button. You can tap again to unfreeze.
  7. Use the ‘-‘ sign or the color excluder to remove color from the surrounding areas of the brush so that the brush has a transparent surrounding. Use the slider to refine it further
  8. Once done, click on the camera capture button
  9. Use the crop tab to crop everything out except the brush. If there is still some paper color left, use the Refine tab to refine it further
  10. Let’s go to Settings and change the size, direction and spacing of teh brush to get the brush that we want
  11. Once done, click on save
  12. This leads to a list of libraries. If you don’t have any library, click on the ‘+’ on the top right and create a new library and save it.
  13. Your brush will show up in Fresco under this Library
  14. Now let’s open Fresco > Pixel Brushes > Scroll down to ‘Library brushes section and click on the library you just created. You should see your brush here.
  15. If you don’t see your brush, wait for a few mins or reopen Fresco app.
Method 2: Creating Brush shape in Adobe Fresco
  1. Create a file of any size.
  2. USe the Vector basic brush and create a shape.
  3. Click on the background layer and hide it.
  4. Click on share and export as a PNG.
  5. Open Adobe Capture, click on image icon and bring in the shape that you created earlier from the photo gallery
  6. You don’t need to use the color excluder or refine tool in this method.
  7. You also don’t need to use the crop tool.
  8. Adjust the setting to choose the brush type you need.
  9. You can use the taper settings to create a unique tapering brush.
  10. Make sure to select BW if you want to choose color while using the brush.
  11. Make modifications to size and spacing and save it to your library!

You can create a whole range of brushes for any projects to simplify your workflow!

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create brushes in Adobe Capture 2020

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