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Here are some of my courses, which can be found on both Skillshare & Udemy.

Don’t have access to Skillshare? Don’t worry! I have 1 free month of Skillshare Premium for you guys!

adobe fresco, adobe capture

Let’s explore Adobe Fresco and Capture!

Have you ever wanted to learn digital art but can’t find an alternative to Procreate? Adobe Fresco is a digital art app that supports both vector and pixel art! In this class we will learn everything that you need to know to illustrate with Adobe Fresco. We will also learn about Adobe Capture, a free app that works brilliant with Adobe Fresco, to create shapes, brushes and patterns.

Paint a Sunset sky with Adobe Fresco

In this beginner friendly class, you will learn to capture the serene beauty of a sunset sky using Adobe Fresco! We will learn to use the powerful tools and features of Adobe Fresco while creating this beautiful sunset.

Watercolor Landscape with Masking Fluid

In this class, you get to unleash your creativity by exploring a much sought after medium – masking fluids! In this class, we will take a reference image (by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash), simplify it, and use masking fluid to retain the whites. We will then paint the artwork with watercolor, while learning techniques like wet on wet etc.


Skillshare class

Watercolor Birds and Florals

In this class, we will learn to paint beautiful birds with florals! We will use reference images to paint our birds and draw flowers in our own style. This class is both for beginners and experts, as there is a lot of room to experiment with shapes and colors.

skillshare watercolor sunset landscape

Sunset Landscapes in Watercolor

In this class we will learn to paint three different sunset scenes, each with a different landscape. Sunset has forever been one of my favourite things to paint and I have been painting them ever since I was a child. My process of painting these sunsets has evolved over time and I want to share it with all of you in this class.

Skillshare class

Create a cute Flat Design illustration using Adobe Illustrator

In this beginner friendly class, you will learn to create a cute flat design illustration using Adobe Illustrator. We will be using basic shapes like rectangles and circles to create everything in this class.


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