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Private lessons for art enthusiasts

Private lessons are a great way to receive individual attention and cater to your specific needs. Unlike in a crowded environment, private lessons allow focused learning and personalised guidance. This enables you to address your weaknesses and work towards improving them effectively. By choosing private lessons, you can ensure that you receive complete information and guidance tailored to your unique learning requirements. If you have been struggling to learn something, private lessons can provide you with the attention and support you need to succeed.

Illustration with Adobe Fresco

Elevate your artistry with Adobe Fresco – where imagination meets innovation! Seamlessly blend traditional drawing techniques with cutting-edge technology using a vast array of realistic brushes and textures. Unleash your creativity, from novice to pro, and watch your ideas come alive with vibrant colours and boundless possibilities. With Adobe Fresco, your canvas knows no limits.

Illustration with Procreate

If you have an iPad, I’m sure you have Procreate installed. I can teach you to use this tool to its full potential. Animating with Procreate is one of my favourite things to do!

Watercolor Lessons

Learn all about painting with watercolour. I offer beginner-friendly lessons covering a wide range of topics, from florals to landscapes. We’ll learn about paper, paints, techniques and everything I apply to my watercolour paintings. Click on the button below to contact me if you have any questions.

Gouache Lessons

Do you have a newfound interest in Gouache but struggle with water-paint ratio, layering or getting opaque areas in your painting? I will teach you everything you need to work with Gouache. You can learn about both water-activated and acrylic Gouache.

  • You are someone interested in art
  • You like to try out digital or traditional art but don’t know where to start
  • You have been trying to learn from YouTube and other sources but feel lost in the crowd
  • You lack motivation and need a push
  • Learn new things or take your art to the next level
  • Convert your ideas into something spectacular
  • Gain confidence in what you draw
  • Get all your questions answered when it comes to your work

  • As an instructor, I can give full attention to you. Unlike YouTube videos, where you are on your own if you get stuck, I’m here to immediately jump in and help you!
  •  Learn what interests you! My YouTube videos cover a wide range of topics. If you are interested in learning something in particular, finding those specific tutorials takes work. In these private sessions, you get a say in what you want to learn!
  •  A lesson plan made just for you! None of my students have the same curriculum. I devise a new lesson plan for each of my students, customized to their skill level, interests and artistic goals.
  • Practice makes perfect! You will get assignments after each session. These assignments are meant to help you strengthen what you have learned in the class. And as always, I help you with cheat sheets and colour palettes if you want them!
  •  I review your assignments and give feedback! Getting constructive feedback is how you improve your skills with a tool!
  •  You can always contact me if you get stuck at any point! No need to wait till the next session.

I usually offer one session per week, lasting 1 hour but can do up to two sessions per week. Even though you might be eager to learn everything in one go, I wouldn’t recommend taking more than that weekly.

When you sign up, you get a free 30-minute session where we will discuss your expectations from these classes. This session will also help me analyse your skill level to better plan the session content.

Want to take the sessions but cannot afford it? Do you come from a low or middle-income country? I offer lower prices to fit your budget. Contact me via the contact form with more information about your circumstances for availing this discount.

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