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    How to create a Washi Tape in Illustrator

    Washi Tape Illustrator tutorial

    Today, I will walk you through the process of creating washi tape in Illustrator, with just a few easy steps. Although we make a plain washi tape, you can go ahead and apply pattern to these to make some cute ones! There are so many things you can create in Illustrator within just 5 mins! This is my first video in a new series that I’m planning to start. Short videos are my favorite things to watch and learn from and I want to make more such videos available to you in the near future.

    Colors used in the Washi Tape in Illustrator:




    1. Create a rectangle and fill with color 233d4d
    2. Click on Effects > Stylize > outer glow and select the following settings:
    3. Create a smaller rectangle on top of rectangle in 1 and color it white
    4. Create another rectangle in the shape of a washi tape and color it f15d6a
    5. Use the pencil tool to create jagged edges for the tape
    6. Click on windows > transparency, and set it to 82%
    7. You are done!

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    washi tape

    Watch the video tutorial here:

    If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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