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Silhouette Painting with Magic Wand – Adobe Fresco

Silhouette Painting with Magic Wand - Adobe Fresco

In this tutorial, we will explore another new feature in Adobe Fresco – MAGIC WAND! We will create a Silhouette Painting with Magic Wand. I will be using an image to create this painting, you can find the link to download the image below. I don’t have a color palette for you this time, because it doesn’t matter what colors you use, and also because the focus of this tutorial is mainly on the usage of the new feature and not on what we are going to create.


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Silhouette Painting with Magic wand, adobe fresco tutorial

This new tool has been available on photoshop for a really long time, but it’s been newly introduced to Fresco. If you are familiar with photoshop, you know quite well how this works, but it’s use in Fresco is on a completely different level. We can use it to select areas, erase areas, paint on specific areas, and even create masks!

Watch the Video Tutorial on how to use the magic wand to create a Silhouette Painting in Adobe Fresco

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If you liked this video and want to learn more about Fresco, I have a whole playlist of Adobe Fresco tutorials on youtube which you can find here and the entire list of tutorials on this blog here.

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