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How to crop images to shapes Part 3 – Using Autodesk Graphic/iDraw

Crop images with Graphic iDraw

In my last two posts we learnt how to crop images using Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Powerpoint. You can find them here and here. This time we use a different tool.


Crop IMAGES Using Autodesk Graphic or iDraw

iDraw (which is now called Graphic) is an app that is very similar to Illustrator. It’s basically a poor man’s Illustrator. It costs only $25 and has most of the features found in the Illustrator. I found out about iDraw back in college, when I was broke and couldn’t afford Adobe products. I still use it all the time as it has certain features that I love.

The only drawback? It’s available only for Apple products!

Like I said, it can do almost everything that Illustrator does. Sadly, there aren’t enough tutorials available online to help learn this awesome tool. So whatever I have learnt in iDraw is what I have learnt through trial and error.

Today we will learn how to crop images with iDraw/Graphic.

You can also view the video here.

Do you use iDraw/Graphic? Would you like to learn how to create awesome things with it? If yes, write me an email and I’ll try to put out more tutorials on it.

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    This video was very helpful also, thank you!

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