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Creating Designs with Hexagons

Creating Designs with Hexagons

Making patterns seldom requires complex designs. The most desired patterns are those which are simple but yet pleasing to the eye. We can create simple and easy to create designs with basic elements in Illustrator. The design we will learn in this project uses Hexagons (Polygon tool). Since covering the entire process in a single video might be too much, I have decided to split this into 3 parts.

This project is split up into 3 parts :

  1. Creating designs with Hexagons (Illustrator)
  2. Converting the design to a pattern (Illustrator)
  3. Creating the pattern in multiple colors (Photoshop)

This week’s video talks about creating designs with Hexagons using Illustrator. Here is the list of shortcuts/commands that I keep mentioning throughout the video:

Ctrl A – Select all

Ctrl C – Copy

Ctrl V – Paste

Ctrl F – Paste on Top

V – Selection Tool

I – Eye Dropper Tool

Next week we will learn how to convert this base design into repeatable pattern using the Pattern maker tool in Illustrator.

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