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Creating seamless patterns using Illustrator

Seamless patterns illustrator pattern maker

Welcome to the second week of Creating Patterns with Adobe Tools. Today we will learn to create seamless patterns using Pattern Maker in Illustrator. Last week we created the Base Pattern with Hexagons. If you missed watching it, you can go watch it here.

Seamless Patterns with Pattern Maker

In the previous versions of Illustrator, pattern making was a messy affair as the Pattern Maker tool was not available. I remember using ‘Create Mask’ function to make patterns, it was tedious and messy. Pattern maker on the other hand is extremely easy and fun to use.
Pattern Maker comes with 5 different pre defined settings for patterns. Which settings your choose is defined completely by your designs. Some designs look better in ‘Grid’ setting while others do not. You should always experiment with these settings. The awesome feature of pattern maker is, it shows a live preview of the pattern! If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. This video will teach to create seamless patterns in easy to follow steps.

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