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Watercolor Sunset Landscapes – A Skillshare class

skillshare watercolor sunset landscape

A new Skillshare class on how to paint watercolor sunset landscapes

You can watch the class here and also avail 2 months of free Skillshare premium access!


In this class we will learn to paint three different watercolor sunset landscapes, in simple and easy steps. Sunset has forever been one of my favourite things to paint and I have been painting them ever since I was a child. My process of painting these sunsets has evolved over time and I want to share it with all of you in this class.

This class is for both beginners and experts, as there is a lot of room to experiment with colourful skies. We will use reference images, but simplify it to create simple, yet stunning landscapes. First, we’ll learn how to paint the spectacular skies, and then add in details with just one color, that is black. 

The class is filmed in real time, because I want you to paint along with me. But I have sped up the video in certain areas where I felt it might be too boring to watch in real time.

I’ll be sharing all the reference images, sketches and the colors that I have used in this class.

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skillshare watercolor sunset landscapes     skillshare watercolor sunset landscapes


I have used Khadi paper in my lessons. The reason I use khadi paper is because of it’s wonderful texture, but feel free to use any watercolour paper. I would recommend a watercolour paper which can hold a great quantity of water, hence 200 gsm or higher would be better. 

TIP: if you are not using Khadi paper and would like crisp edges for your painting, use a masking tape or washi tape on the edges of your paper.

For watercolour, you would need the following colors:
  • Black (any dark black like lamp black)
  • Orange
  • Yellow (Something like Indian yellow would work as well)
  • Red/pink
  • Dark blue (if you don’t have dark blue, mix some sky blue with a tiny bit of black)
  • Purple (any purple will be ok)

I have given a list of all the actual colors I have used in the resource section.

  • I use a flat brush No. 5 for painting skies. You can also use a big round brush of size 6 or above to paint the skies
  • A detail brush in size 2 or 1 for finer details.

Don’t forget a paper towel and a palette to mix to your colors.

A jar of water.

Pencil and eraser if you want to sketch.I don’t do any sketching in the class, but if you want you can use the sketches in the resource section.

Intro to Watercolor Sunset Landscapes:

You can find my class here!

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