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How to make a printable Holiday Card with Adobe Illustrator

Holiday card christmas card

Hello people!

It’s December and everyone is busy running around getting things sorted out for Christmas. I know it’s too early, but that’s how it’s going to be! It’s so crazy that we had our office Christmas party in November! NOVEMBER!

Anyway, like every year, you have to send out holiday cards and it’s challenging because you need to add a personal touch to these cards. Now, nobody’s going to judge you for not making it personal (except Aunt Janice probably). But you are a nice person, you love your people and you are going to send those cards filled with love and holiday cheer. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to create your own personalized holiday card using Adobe Illustrator.

  1.   Download the free vector pack onto your computer
  2.   We will duplicate, rotate, scale and reflect the elements in the vector pack to create a wide variety of elements
  3.   We’ll arrange these elements in a nice form to create the design for our card
  4.   We will apply this design onto our card template
  5.   Add in details to customize it and export it for print ready PDFs
  6.   Print and cut to make your own cards!

You can download the vector pack here:

Download here!

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Holiday card christmas card

There is nothing wrong in learning new things during the holidays. You get to learn these things in this tutorial:

  •   Using vector elements and modifying them
  •   Using Layers, lock, unlock.
  •   Tools like Ellipse tool, reflect, rotate, scale, group and ungroup
  •   Using Text tool
  •   Arranging artwork to print as a card
  •   Applying trim marks
  •   Exporting an illustrator file as PDF


Too lazy to create the card? No problem, download the ready-to-print holiday card here:

Download here!


You can always create the elements yourself. They are made using just the pencil tool. Scribble something and you have some nice elements! Here is a tutorial on how to create a holiday themed wrapping paper from scratch (I made this during last Christmas). You can also download last year’s card here.

Fonts used in the tutorial :



If you don’t know how to get nice colors for your card, check out this tutorial on how to get colors.

OK, let’s watch the tutorial now!

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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