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Adobe Color and how to find color themes

Adobe color

Adobe Color (formerly known as Adobe Kuler) is a website where you can find a number of ready-to-use creative color themes, which are free and can be saved onto libraries and accessed across adobe apps.

Have you ever started a project but struggled to find a good, appealing color theme? If yes, then you must watch this tutorial. In this tutorial, we learn how to find and save awesome color palettes/themes to our Illustrator/photoshop library.

You can do few amazing things with this online platform:

  1. Explore and find awesome themes
  2. Find a base theme and edit it to suit your needs
  3. Use the color wheel to adjust and create your own themes
  4. Upload an image and extract the color theme:

When you click create, you will an option to upload images from your computer. Adobe Color will automatically pick up a palette of different colors from the image. Apart from letting you adjust these colors to suit your project, it also lets you choose a Color Mood. Here is an example:


adobe color

Color Mode: Colorful


adobe color

Color Mode: Bright

Adobe color is also available as a mobile version for both iPhone and Android devices. The best thing about the mobile version is that you can capture colors on the go! There are many more things to explore in the mobile version, I will do a detailed video on that soon.

You can go to Adobe Color Here:


Pin it for later!

adobe color

I created this pin it image and thumbnail using Illustrator scripts. You can learn to do it too, click here for the tutorial.

In this mini tutorial, we check how we can find, edit, save and use the color themes for our projects. These color themes can be accessed across Illustrator, Photoshop and other adobe apps. Adobe color also has a very nice mobile app with which you can capture color palettes on the go!

Let’s learn how to use this online platform and apply Color Themes to your projects :

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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