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Birdie Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Seamless pattern in Illustrator

Hello people!

Do you like making cute drawings ? What about making seamless patterns? And learning Adobe Illustrator?

In today’s video we will learn how to make cute birdies and turn them into seamless patterns in Adobe Illustrator! This is a beginner’s tutorial, hence you will not need any experience with Illustrator.

What can you do with these seamless patterns?

So many things!

  • Make a wrapping paper for wrapping gifts this Christmas
  • Upload to print on demand sites like Redbubble to create bedspreads, tapestries, phone cases and a lot more!

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  • Make a selection of patterns and sell on sites like Etsy
  • Upload to Spoonflower and create your own custom fabric!
  • The list is endless, these are just a few of the options available.

Things you will learn today:

  1. Using the Anchor point tool
  2. Working with the curvature tool
  3. Using Pencil tool
  4. And learning to make seamless patterns using the inbuilt ‘make – pattern’ option in Illustrator

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seamless pattern


Method to make this seamless pattern:

  1. Select the Ellipse tool and make a horizontal Ellipse
  2. Right click on pen tool and select anchor point tool
  3. Click on the right most anchor point on the ellipse to make it pointed
  4. Use the Curvature tool to give the shape of a bird
  5. Select the Pencil tool and draw in the beaks and legs
  6. Right click> Transform and reflect to create a reflected version of the bird
  7. Make 2 more versions of the bird and color them
  8. Select everything, Object> pattern > make
  9. Choose your settings and click Done
  10. Pattern gets saved in the swatches library
  11. Use it to create patterns of any size!

Learn to get colors for your projects here:

Adobe Color

Watch the video here:

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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