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Recolor Artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

recolor artwork

How to use recolor artwork tool, Recolor Artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

In today’s tutorial we are going to explore a very powerful tool in Adobe Illustrator – Recolor artwork tool! As you might have guessed by its name, its primary function is to ease the process of recoloring your illustration.

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recolor artwork

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Things mentioned in this tutorial:

How to create the Illustration shown in the video

Getting colors from Adobe Color

Here’s a quick recap of what we learnt today:

  • Select the artwork to recolor
  • Recolor Artwork took can be access from the dashboard below the menu or Edit>Edit Colors>Recolor Artwork
  • This opens the Recolor Artwork dialog box
  • When you have the color code, click on ASSIGN
  • Select the color you want to replace and double click the smaller rectangle on the right
  • Input the new hex code for the color to replace it
  • If you do not have any specific color in mind, select the EDIT tab to view colors in the selected artwork in a color wheel
  • Drag individual colors in the color wheel to edit them
  • Click on ‘link’ button to move the colors in a linked way
  • If you to get back to the original colors from the artwork again, click the eyedropper
  • You can also change the color profile to RGB, CMYK or other options available under the EDIT mode
  • To save the colors onto your swatches, click on the ‘folder’ icon
  • In ASSIGN tab, you can choose the number of colors you want to limit the artwork to
  • You can merge colors and also un-merge colors in this tab
  • Click OK to change the color for the selected artwork

I hope you liked this tutorial and found it useful. You can find more such tutorials here and on my youtube channel.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment under this post or send me an email!

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