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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Illustrate a landscape

illustrate a landscape

In this Adobe Illustrator Tutorial, we will illustrate a landscape as shown below. I know, we all look at the beautiful illustrations on Behance or Dribble and wonder if we could ever create these things. We obviously could, but we’ll need a lot of practice and we’ll need to know to how to use the tools required to create that stunning illustration. I believe, the best way to learn a tool is to learn while creating something. This way, you learn something new, and have a beautiful completed project in the end! I have loads of tutorials on how to use Illustrator, and I think you should definitely check it out!

Ok, let’s get back to the tutorial. I picked a landscape for this tutorial just because I paint landscapes quite often with my watercolor set. Drawing digitally sounded like a good idea! I have tried to cover a lot of how-tos, trips and tricks in this tutorial. Here are a few of the things you will learn to use in this tutorial:

  • Pen tool
  • Draw inside an object
  • Transparency
  • Transform tools
  • Applying Shadows
  • Rotating objects with an anchor point
  • Arranging objects
  • And many more!

Color Palette

I have used a bright color palette for this tutorial. If you want to use the same colors, just download this image and open in illustrator, use the eye dropper tool (press i on your keyboard) to pick the colors. Alternatively, you can also use these hex codes:

  • F7F8DF
  • F9F9F7
  • F9EC2A
  • F7F8DE
  • 80953B
  • 28411C
  • F9EC2A
  • A9BF38

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