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Transparency grids – remove checkered background

transparency grids

Transparency grids – remove checkered background Adobe Illustrator

I’m starting a new series on this blog – Mini Tutorial Series!

This would be a series of extremely tiny tutorials, some as tiny as 1 min, which will teach you a special topic in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Fresco or Procreate! I know not everyone has tremendous patience to sit through a 20 mins tutorial, so I try to keep my tutorials as short as possible. But even a 10 min tutorial can be a lot for some people. Apart from that, there are various things in these tools, which do not require a 10 min tutorial on their own, I don’t want to make a 10 min video for something that can be explained in a min!

Hence the mini tutorials were born! Our first video is about Transparency grids in Adobe Illustrator.

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transparency grid

What are transparency grids?

They are these checkered backgrounds that you see in mostly film/video templates. I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely annoying to work with such a background. I usually like mine grey or completely white. Did you know that Adobe Illustrator allows you to set the color of this transparency grid? Watch the tutorial to find out more about these checkered backgrounds.

Watch the video here:

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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