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Snakes and Florals in Procreate

Snakes and Florals in Procreate

Snakes and Florals in Procreate #Procreate tutorial on how to illustrate with Rotational Symmetry and Clipping masks.

In today’s tutorial we will explore the symmetry tool and create a beautiful illustration involving snakes and flowers! I’ve always loved snakes. Having grown up in the south west coast of India (which is by the way known for its snakes), I encountered them quite often. Some were super scary, while some were just harmless. I held my first snake (python) when I was travelling around Mexico, cannot forget how slimy they were and one of them pooped on me!

Anyway, now that you know the inspiration behind this illustration, let’s dive into the details of how to make use of the symmetry tool and create this cute illustration.

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Snakes and Florals in Procreate

Download the Sketches and the Color Swatch here:

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Watch how to illustrate Snakes and Florals in Procreate:

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