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8 New Adobe Fresco Features JULY 2021

new adobe fresco july 2021 features updates

8 New Adobe Fresco Features JULY 2021

Have you heard about all the new features of July 2021? Go check out this video! So, if you haven’t started using Fresco yet, it’s time to download it. Unlike procreate, Fresco is available on windows/android systems as well. You can find Fresco here. If you have an older version of Fresco, make sure to update it to enjoy all these new features.

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8 New Adobe Fresco Features JULY 2021

Watch the video on New Adobe Fresco Features JULY 2021

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here. While you are there, don’t forget to hit subscribe!

Here’s a quick list of all the Adobe Fresco Brand new Features for JULY 2021:

  • Color adjustment layers (iPad and Windows)
  • Graph grids (iPad and Windows)
  • Alignment guides (iPad and Windows)
  • Expanded mask support (All platforms)
  • Improved tool persistence (All platforms)
  • Discover brushes (New to Windows, available on iPad and iPhone)
  • Discover shapes (New to Windows, available on iPad.)

If you liked this video and want to learn more above Fresco, I have a whole playlist of Adobe Fresco tutorials on youtube which you can find here and the entire list of tutorials on this blog here.

I hope you have fun exploring this tool. If you get stuck somewhere, don’t forget to leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out! You can also share this post on Facebook and other social media to support me.

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