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ADOBE FRESCO | Easy oil paint Tulips Bouquet

ADOBE FRESCO tutorial Easy oil paint Tulips Bouquet

ADOBE FRESCO | Easy oil paint Tulips Bouquet’

In today’s tutorial we will learn to draw some tulips with oil paint brushes in Adobe Fresco. We will be using all 3 kinds of brushes – vector brush to create the sketch, live brushes to paint and pixel brushes to create shadows. We will also be adding a bit of texture to our artwork using a free texture. I’m the end, we will use the ruler to create some horizontal and vertical lines to create a notepad like effect for our artwork. All the brushes that I’m using in this tutorial are available in the free version of Adobe Fresco. You can download the color palette, the reference photo, the sketch and the texture down below. 

You can create the sketch yourself by using the reference photo on low opacity mode. I have used the basic vector brush to sketch my artwork.

The reference photo and the texture is from a website called unsplash. They are free to download and most of them are free for commercial use.

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Easy oil paint Tulips Bouquet

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If you liked this video on how to draw Easy oil paint Tulips and want to learn more above Fresco, I have a whole playlist of Adobe Fresco tutorials on youtube which you can find here and the entire list of tutorials on this blog here.

I hope you have fun exploring this tool. If you get stuck somewhere, don’t forget to leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out! You can also share this post on Facebook and other social media to support me.

ADOBE FRESCO | Easy oil paint Tulips Bouquet

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