Adobe Fresco Tutorials

Digital illustration with Adobe Fresco and Adobe Capture

Let’s explore Adobe Fresco and Adobe Capture!

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Have you ever wanted to learn digital art but can’t find an alternative to Procreate? Adobe Fresco is a digital art app that supports both vector and pixel art! In this class we will learn everything that you need to know to illustrate with Adobe Fresco. We will also learn about Adobe Capture, a free app that works brilliant with Adobe Fresco, to create shapes, brushes and patterns.

Although the illustrations in this class are focused around the holidays, the things you learn can be applied to anything that you want to draw with Adobe Fresco.  


Anybody who is interested in learning Adobe Fresco!  This class is suitable for both beginners and people who are familiar with Fresco or Capture.

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adobe fresco, adobe capture


  • Adobe Fresco (Free version works) Download here
  • Adobe Capture Download here. 
  • A digital device with a digital pen to draw, such as 
    • iPad and apple pencil 
    • Windows desktop (Fresco has a desktop version)
    • Any other drawing tablet 


We will be covering a wide range of topics, while aiming to master Adobe Fresco by the end of the class. Here are a few things we will learn:

  • Basic understanding of Fresco
  • How to work with the various tools in Fresco
  • How to use the Live brushes
  • Understanding grids
  • Learning to animate
  • Using Capture and Fresco to create 
    • Seamless repeating patterns
    • Brushes
    • Shapes 
  • Making shapes from your artwork or from images
  • Vector art and Vector Trimming
  • Learning to use the text tool
  • Applying textures
  • And much more!

I am so excited to have you join me in this class and learn all the awesome things you can do in Adobe Fresco and Capture




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