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Easy animation with reference layers

Easy animation in Adobe Fresco with Reference layers

In this Adobe Fresco tutorial you will learn to create a super easy animation using Reference layers. We know Adobe Fresco primarily as a digital painting and drawing application rather than a dedicated animation software. In Adobe Fresco, you can create frame-by-frame animations using the built-in timeline feature. It allows you to draw on individual frames and play them back as a sequence. You can also adjust the timing and frame rate of the animation.

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If you liked this video and want to learn more about Fresco, I have a whole playlist of Adobe Fresco tutorials on youtube which you can find here and the entire list of tutorials on this blog here.

TIP : Before diving into the digital realm, it’s essential to plan your animation. Determine the concept, story, or idea you want to convey. Decide on the number of frames or steps needed to create a smooth animation. Sketch out the key poses or frames before beginning to draw the actual frames. This is exactly what we do in this tutorial!
Oil paint brushes in adobe fresco, adobe fresco tutorial

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To summarize, Adobe Fresco is a powerful digital painting and drawing app that allows artists to bring their imagination to life. While primarily known for its painting capabilities, Fresco also offers a range of features for creating simple animations. If you would like to check out more animation tutorials, you can find them on my youtube channel here.

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