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Painting in Procreate – how to paint a landscape

Painting in Procreate

Painting in Procreate

So what’s this tutorial about?

A procreate tutorial for beginners who want to learn to paint with procreate. Painting in Procreate has never been easier! A complete step by step guide, including details about brushes and techniques to paint a beautiful landscape with iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate app.

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Colors used in this tutorial:

Wondering how to easily get all the colors onto your procreate? Worry not, you can download all the colors for free!

Download the color swatch and sketch

This will lead you to a procreate color swatch and a sketch download. If you don’t know how to import color palettes into procreate, here’s how:

  • Download the color palette (swatch) onto your iPad.
  • If download it to your dropbox app, you can just select the swatch and click on ‘send to Procreate’.
  • If it’s not with dropbox, select the swatch > share > open with procreate.
  • Now, go and open procreate and you can see your swatch. Just a heads up, it might not be on the top of list, so scroll and check if you cannot find it.
If you don’t want to do that, you can copy paste the following color codes to get your colors:

You can find the option to input hex codes in the ‘Values’ menu.

67b997   96c43b   23353b

135d40   3e7b3e   d2c9aa

bdaa8b   bfd1eb   587b89

59af5b   ffffff (white)

I have a lot more tutorials on procreate, don’t forget to check them out!

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Now that you have imported the color swatches to your procreate, it’s time to paint!

Create a square canvas (I used the one which came by default in procreate). We will be using a special brush for our painting, so that we can mimic the paint brush. Don’t worry it’s absolutely free! Go to Brushes > Artistic > Leatherwood. For the rest of the tutorial, watch the video below!

Watch the video tutorial here on Painting in Procreate:

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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