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Free Download – Gift tag shapes plus Bonus item

Free download gift tag shapes

Hello my dear People over the internet!

I’m back with another freebie on this random day of the week – Gift Tag shapes. You can find tutorials on how to use it here and here.

I thought a lot about starting something like a ‘Freebie Friday’. It seemed like a good idea at first – it would make me stick to a schedule, make sure that I work because I know I WILL have to post a freebie every Friday. But then I decided that it was, in fact, NOT a good idea.

Here’s why….

I might start hating it after a while.

I’m not someone who can be forced to work , even if it’s me who is doing the ‘forcing’. I will not work just because I have to submit something on Friday, eventually I’ll start hating it and will completely miss deadlines.

The quality of work will go down

I post freebies that I loved working on. And I can only work when I’m inspired. If I’m not inspired, I’ll just throw some garbage out at you, and I don’t want to do that. I should be proud of every little thing I create and this thing could make me start hating the things I create.

Freebie Friday would mean I will not be able to post freebies on any other day!

No explanation required for this one!

So here it is, my ‘Random-Day freebie’. I could post a freebie on any day of the week! Let it be a surprise!

To kick off this Random day Freebie, I offer you different Gift Tag shapes in various colors. The colors are editable, the tags are blank, so that you can add your own designs to it.

Free download gift tag shapes

Download it here

Use this Free Vector Pack to spice it up! There are 2 Bonus gift tag shapes which are prepped up with basic design – they are editable too!

I hope you like it!

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