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Create product mockups in Photoshop

mockups in photoshop

How to create product mockups in Photoshop

mockups in photoshop

Do you think this photo is real? Do you think I have rolls of fabric with my design printed on them? No! These are mockups and I just put my designs on them using photoshop. In this tutorial we are going to do exactly this – put our designs on various objects like a poster, t shirt and even on wood.

I will show multiple examples of mockup files, some of them are easy to work with. Others are easy too, but they have far more features than simple ones.

We will be using two websites that provide free mockup files:


Goodmockups (this site has ads, beware!)

We will learn how to search for mockups in the websites and how to download them onto our computer. Since these will be either zip or rar files, we will be using 7zip (windows) or the unarchiver (mac) to extract the files. The unzipped files are PSD files, hence you would need photoshop to work with these files.

These are following examples that I will be showing in the tutorial:

Wood engraved mockup: https://goodmockups.com/free-wooden-engraved-logo-mockup-psd/

Letterpress mockup: https://goodmockups.com/free-paper-letterpress-logo-mockup-psd/

Folded T shirt: https://goodmockups.com/free-folded-t-shirt-with-hang-tag-mockup-psd/

Poster: https://goodmockups.com/free-poster-photo-frame-modern-loft-mockup-psd/

You can watch the tutorial here:

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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