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Smart objects in Photoshop

smart object

So what are Smart Objects?

Smart objects are layers that could contain Photoshop/Illustrator objects, such that the original properties are preserved and you can perform a non destructive editing on these layers. To edit a smart object just double click on that layer and it will open in a new tab in Photoshop if it is a Photoshop element and in Illustrator if it is an Illustrator element.

Why use Smart Objects?

  • If there are multiple files with the same smart object, updating one updates all instances
  • Use vector objects as vectors, meaning more flexibility with quality, you don’t have to convert them to raster
  • Edit the object as much as you like, rotate, skew, or scale without affecting the original file

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smart objects in photoshop

How do you know a layer is smart object?

These layers have a special icon on the right corner which indicate that they are smart objects.

vector smart object

If you see a warning sign on the layers, it just means that the original file was updates, but this smart object needs to be updated. You can fix this by clicking Layers>Smart Objects>Update Modified Content.

Error in smart object layer

fix warning sign

What will we learn in this tutorial?

  1. We will learn how to link photoshop objects into other photoshop files
  2. Find out the difference between place embedded and place linked
  3. How to use Illustrator vector elements in Photoshop as smart objects

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