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Painting COVID-19 in watercolor

Painting COVID-19 in watercolor

Painting COVID-19 in watercolor

I hope you and your loved ones are all keeping safe! COVID-19 is creating havoc in our lives and it pains me to see some people just not realizing how essential it is to practice physical distancing. You might be the healthiest bloke on the block, but you can spread to the most vulnerable percent of the population. Stay home and stay safe!

We don’t have to stop living just because we are locked up at home!

Here are some things you could try to do to ease through the quarantine.

  1. Cook delicious things – restaurants are closed anyway, why not build your cooking skills!
  2. Watch those movies/TV series you’ve always wanted to watch but never found time!
  3. Read! Could be books, or audio books or even blogs!
  4. Learn something new. I’m learning Arabic on Duolingo and HTML on codeacademy (both free!)
  5. Find a hobby! There are so many youtube channels out there to teach you any kind of hobby that you want to learn, all you need to do is search! If you want to learn about Adobe tools, checkout my Youtube channel. If you want to learn to paint, check out my skillshare classes (this link gives you 2 free months of premium access)
  6. Don’t forget to exercise! Our mental health can get really bad during isolation and working out definitely helps boost the mood

In today’s blog post, today we are painting COVID-19 in watercolor (or commonly known as coronavirus). Why paint? because why not!

Here are the materials used:

Sketchbook: Escoda Watercolour sketchbook

Brushes: Escoda No. 2 and 4 brushes (they are the best brushes I have ever owned – and No, they didn’t pay me to say that :D)

Paints: Danielsmith watercolors

Masking Fluid: Schmincke masking fluid

So let’s paint now!

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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Stay safe!

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