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Watercolor landscape – Joshua Tree National Park

Watercolor landscape Paint with me

Let’s paint a watercolor landscape together! I know it is quite boring right now, so let’s paint something!

I do a lot of painting and digital art on my instagram. And sometime I record these painting sessions. My most favorite thing is to watch painting videos which are sped up, but I recently got to know that people like watching real time painting videos as well. So I have been making these real time videos and adding some ambient music to create a relaxing atmosphere for you to paint with me.

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Materials used for today’s painting:

Sketchbook: Escoda Watercolor Travel Sketchbook

Brushes: Escoda brushes

Watercolor: Danielsmith watercolors

Watch me painting the Joshua Tree National Park here:

Here is a relaxing real time footage of me painting a Joshua Tree National Park landscape with watercolor, I hope you enjoy watching it :).

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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Let me know if you want the exact list of colors or my swatch card!

You can watch more painting videos here.

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