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Seamless Geometric Pattern – Illustrator tutorial

Seamless Geometric Pattern

Seamless Geometric Pattern

This is a tutorial on how to create a seamless pattern using a basic geometric shape in Adobe Illustrator. We will first create a simple element and then convert it to a seamless pattern using Adobe’s inbuilt pattern maker tool.

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Seamless Geometric Pattern

Colors used in this tutorial:

#38D0F2    #0583F2    #0468BF

#FFF38B    #FFCB05    #F2B134    #233D4D


  • Click on the polygon tool and make a polygon of any size
  • Increase the stroke thickness to desired size
  • Click on Object>path>Outline Stroke and convert it to a shape
  • Click on line segment tool and draw line segments to make 3 equal parts on the hexagon
  • Select everything and click on Pathfinder > divide to divide the hexagon
  • Ungroup using Shift+Cmd/Ctrl G
  • Color each part with colors #38D0F2    #0583F2    #0468BF
  • Copy and arrange to form the base design
  • Delete the excess shapes
  • Create a hexagon of the same size and assign the color #233D4D
  • Send to back of the artwork Shift+Cmd/Ctrl [
  • Create another hexagon and use line segments to cut into 3 parts
  • Use Pathfinder >Divide to cut the hexagon and assign the colors #FFF38B    #FFCB05    #F2B134
  • Place it on the base design and use Cmd/Ctrl [ to send one step back, keep pressing the key until it sits in the position it’s intended to sit at
  • Group everything together with Cmd/Ctrl G
  • Go to Object > Pattern Make
  • Select brick by row and adjust to form a seamless pattern
  • Click Done once you are happy with the pattern

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