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How to use oil paint brushes in Adobe Fresco

Oil paint brushes in Adobe Fresco

Oil paint brushes in Adobe Fresco, reload color, paint mix, different types of brushes, oil paint settings, oil paint basics

Adobe Fresco is my new found love! I have been having so much fun with, there’s so many things you could do with it. It’s definitely not a substitute for Procreate, but it does have some unique things that Procreate doesn’t have – Live Brushes! In our previous tutorial, we learned about how to work with watercolor brushes in Adobe Fresco. In this tutorial, we learn the tips and techniques to use while working with oil brushes! We will be creating a simple floral composition, where we will learn how to apply color with these brushes, how to blend colors and all the settings that comes with oil brushes like reload color and paint mix.

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Oil paint brushes in Adobe Fresco

Color Palette:

Download the color palette here


To bring the color palette onto your Adobe Fresco:

  • Download it onto your iPad, it will be stored in Photos.
  • Next, in Fresco, click on the image icon and import it into your canvas.
  • Press and hold on the color with your finger to select it, click on color tab>recents>click on + to add it to your platte.


Download the sketch here


To bring in the sketch into Adobe Fresco

  • Follow the same process as for the color palette.
  • Click on levels icon and decrease the opacity.

Watch how to use Oil paint brushes in Adobe Fresco here:

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