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Watercolor Illustration using Layer Mask in Adobe Fresco

Layer mask in Adobe Fresco

Layer Mask in Adobe Fresco Watercolor Illustration using Layer Mask in Adobe Fresco

Today’s tutorial is going to be a painting video on Adobe Fresco. This is one of the videos in the series ‘Get to know Adobe Fresco’. In this tutorial, we are going to learn to work with the Live Paint brushes, particularly the Watercolor Brush. We will also learn to use the layer mask in Adobe Fresco, to create unique patterns on our illustraton.

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layer mask in adobe fresco


Although I have not used a sketch in my Illustration, I went ahead and created one for you guys. Download and bring it into your Adobe fresco before starting this tutorial. Do it only if you feel intimidated by the illustration, but trust me, you won’t need it.

Download the sketch here

Colors used in this tutorial:

You don’t need to strictly use the same colors as I have used. We are drawing for fun, so choose whatever color you like. Be adventurous and make your raspberries Blue! If you still want to use the same color palette, download this final illustration, transfer it to adobe fresco and pick the colors from the illustration.

Download the illustration


Top things to remember from this class:

  • Swipe to artwork when trying to work with the mask, you don’t want to be editing the mask!
  • I have used Pixel Brushes> Dry Media> Conte Crayon for finer details
  • You can add your favorite colors to library on Illustrator or Photoshop and find them on Adobe Fresco, everything syncs as long as you are signed into your Adobe ID.

Watch the video tutorial here:

If you cannot view the video, you can find it here.

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I hope you liked this tutorial! Adobe Fresco is fun to work with, especially the live brushes. Go create something fun today!

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