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Geometric Patterns in Illustrator

Geometric Patterns

Illustrator Tutorial – How to create Geometric Patterns

Since we have been exploring a lot of geometric patterns recently, I thought why not do another tutorial on this topic. These patterns are super easy to create as they use the in built Adobe Illustrator tools. And the fun part is that you can create so many variations from the base design, and each design will give a completely different pattern!

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Colors used:

F2E204  F2CB0C  F29F04

38D0F2  0583F2  0468BF

You can add these colors to swatches.

  • Create a rectangle, double click on the fill and input the above hexcode.
  • Create a rectangle for each color.
  • Now, go to swatches, create a new group and click on + to add the color to swatches.
  • Continue doing this until all the colors have been added.

Alternatively, you can also add the colors to your library by creating a color theme.

Watch how to add colors to your library

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So we will be creating this:

Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns


  • Create a 6×6 inches file.
  • Use the polygon tool and create a hexagon of any size. We can modify this size later while creating the pattern.
  • Use the line segment tool to create 3 shapes.
  • Select Pathfinder > Divide to split it into 3 shapes.
  • Change the stroke width to 20. Color each shape with the yellows.
  • Use the option or Alt key to create a duplicate, color it with the blues.
  • Now place the blue cube over the yellow cube.
  • Your first geometric block is ready!
  • For the second design, rotate the blue cude, and just use the ‘send to back’ option and send the blue cube a step behind.
  • Now you can create the repeating pattern using Object > Pattern > Make option.

I hope you liked the tutorial. Make sure to experiment a bit more and create various base designs which you can convert to wonderful patterns.

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